Why It’s Important To Fail

I am an expert at a few things.  I am an expert at grant writing…I could and still can write a kick ass grant proposal.  I am also an expert at making hummus.  Before I became an expert at these items I had plenty of failures!  The second and third time I probably made fewer mistakes and over time and with practice I became an expert.  Now I can make delicious hummus and write a stupendous grant  in my sleep.

If I had stopped at the first grant rejection where would I be?  I would not be a great grant writer, that’s for sure.  if I had stopped at that first awful batch of hummus where would I be?  Not eating tasty home made hummus!     Failure-4

Point is, time passes anyway.  So why not pursue items of interest and see where that takes you.  Don’t be so quick to give up.  Get rid of those thoughts in your brainwashed mind that success happens overnight or that failure is a blight on your character or capabilities.

Nothing can or will replace you just getting out there and trying.  When you fail, get up and try it again, a different way.  If you find what you are doing really isn’t your cup of tea, then revamp it. Don’t be afraid to change your mind and who cares what others think?

From failure comes the discovery of what we are really passionate about. From failure comes a stronger desire to succeed.  From failure comes success.

Not get out there and fail at a few things!


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