Content Writing Services

I love to write.  While I can research and write on most topics my areas of expertise are in self-improvement, self development, journal writing, relationships and women over 50.  Whether it’s a blog post or a magazine article, I will take your topic and tell your story.

I am quick and never at a loss for ideas.  Talk to me about what you need.  We can put together a package that is right for you and your business!  You can contact me here or email or call me 303-378-2518


Magazine article – $200 up to 1,000 words
Blog Posts – $50 up to 500 words.
A discount of 10% is available if 10 or more blogs/articles are commissioned.


INVENtrue – A business that provides websites inventory management for RV’s.  I write the content for their website and also put out a newsletter.  This is a project I just started so will post updates as the website is updated.  My first assignment was to rewrite the five points on a leave behind flier.  (Scroll all the way down on article.)

Cares Magazine
– A Print Magazine for Non-Profits

  • Social Media Plan – Are your social media efforts reaching and engaging your intended audience? Do you feel behind the social media times? Gone are the days of interacting with the community through phone campaigns and direct mailings.


On-Line Articles:

These are “content mill” articles.  They are basically used to garner views on websites to aid in revenue from Adwords, etc.  I love to write and I am quick about it.  I can put together SEO articles for your website. My forte is self-improvement.

 Pick The Brain  

  • Four Steps To Resolve Conflict – Conflicts arise and can escalate quickly. They often occur in the midst of our day- to – day lives and we blow up at someone due to the stress of the day or the frustration of the situation.
  • Steps To Obtain Closure –  “Closure or need for closure are psychological terms that describe the desire or need individuals have for information that will allow them to conclude an issue that had previously been clouded in ambiguity and uncertainty. Upon reaching this conclusion, they are nowable to attain a state of closure.” (Wikipedia)
  • Setting Realistic Goals – When affecting change in our lives we are often stymied by our own human nature to get things done and get them done now.  I want those ten pounds gone tomorrow!  Patience and our lack of it is a certain killer of change.  Even if we lost those ten pounds in one day, they will be back tomorrow.

For all my Pick The Brain Articles click here.

Whemsy Blog and Whemsy App

  • Five Ways To Happiness – I am a very happy person because I participate in a way of living that makes me happy. However, I wasn’t always happy. Life got in the way of my happiness and I disappeared into unhappiness. I had forgotten how to be happy. One day I woke up and decided I was tired of being unhappy. Over the course of a year I made some changes.

Mission Statements:

I am a whiz at putting together mission statements!

  • Training By Design – Training By Design provides non-profits with a holistic and strategic approach to increasing capacity through staff and volunteer development and strengthening of financial resources.
  • Grow To Ride – Grow to Ride brings together youth from economically challenged neighborhoods to develop personal responsibility through horsemanship, learn the importance of food sustainability and provide service to their communities.
  • Community Of Women – Community of Women is a space for women to gather and through the expression of self begin or continue their journeys, know that their stories matter, be inspired and inspire each other.
  • Robin M. Hardison – Intuitive – An intuitive reading takes the potential and strength within and empowers individuals to gain control of their own happiness, peace and prosperity.

Dear Mother Letter published in Dear Mothers: Letters of Tribute and Remembrance   I lost the letter when my laptop crashed.  But if you want to read it you can buy the book!   This letter was also read on stage in Los Angeles on Mother’s Day, 2011 with a picture of my mother featured on a big screen, behind the reader.


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