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The Path To Success Is Littered With Failures

I have found out that you kinda have to suck at a few things first before the really great stuff starts happening.  failure_success

Why do I say that?  Because ever since I quit my “real” job in February of 2012, I have launched and failed at more than one endeavor.  And now almost two years later I am finally hitting my stride.  It’s not a fast stride, but it’s a stride that’s taking me somewhere now.

Funny thing happened along the way, though. At first I was sorta concerned, well I was really concerned at what others might think about me and my lack of settling into something and now I don’t give a crap.

Ah, life, my life, too many minutes, hours and days spent on caring what others thought.  Call it age, call it being fed up, call it whatever, I no longer care.

When I truly stopped worrying about what others thought my ideas could soar. They were free from the dead-weight of not being good enough.  I stopped comparing myself to others, in all their fame, greatness and fortune. My ideas began to solidify into solid plans.

I have no idea really how I got here.  Here, being on my way.  I am not famous or wealthy.  So the only advice I can give you is just do it.  And don’t worry, you will fail and probably miserably!  But that’s okay.  Failures are the path for success.  (Yes I just made that up. Profound I know!)

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